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Oil Review Middle East hosted a free webinar on flange corrosion on Tuesday 30 March 2021

flange corossion 18 MarchThe webinar will address the subject of flange corrosion. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

The oil and gas sector has seen tremendous changes over the years. New metallurgies are being introduced to resist the aggressive media and chemicals found in oil and gas streams, such as sour gas, chlorides and steam. Companies are under pressure to reduce emissions, as well as prioritising the operation of fire-safe pipelines. 

GPT Industries' webinar discussed how these challenges affect flange corrosion.

Rony Roy, senior applications engineer revealed the effects of changing pipeline conditions on flange management in the MENA region. The discussion highlighted the advancements in isolation systems and technologies; cover safety and environment considerations, such as fire, leaks and emissions and attendees had the opportunity to analyse the capabilities of traditional isolation solutions.