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Xergy launches new technology to transform business operating models and boost profits


Proteus, a cloud-based operating system that can transform the way in which businesses source and use talent to resource and deliver projects, has been developed and brought to market by Xergy, a global business with offices in Aberdeen and Dubai

By connecting companies with the talent they need, as and when they need it, and making remote working as effective as being in the office, Proteus removes utilisation waste, reduces overheads and increases productivity. The developers claim that Proteus can increase profits by as much as 30 per cent.

“With the vast majority of the world’s workforce working from home in recent months, the COVID-19 crisis has demonstrated that remote working is possible. Proteus can now make permanent remote working highly profitable,” explained Colin Manson, the energy entrepreneur behind the product.

Proteus was originally designed to meet the specific challenges facing energy companies in resourcing complex engineering projects where a lack of talent, slow adoption of technology and social pressure have come together to pose a major headache for an industry which must deliver projects to meet the global demand for hydrocarbons, while delivering net-zero carbon emissions.

But the digital platform that facilitates working remotely, within a working environment, is suitable for all industry sectors who are looking to increase efficiency by removing fixed overheads and needless cost, improve utilisation rates and project management, while reducing their carbon emissions from commuting and travelling.

To support businesses in the current climate, Proteus is being offered free to all users from now until the end of July.

“The COVID-19 crisis has forced us into remote working and, as a result, there is going to be a fundamental shift in working culture moving forward. Using Proteus, businesses can capitalise on this and we’re offering a three-month free period to allow any business to test the product and see for themselves the benefits it brings and how they can be well-placed to exploit the new norm,” Manson explained.

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