SoluForce brings Gas Tight solutions for the oil and gas industry

1 SoluForce Classic GTGas transmission pipelines, bringing gas from remote locations to market, is a major focus of the oil and gas industry

SoluForce, a Flexible Composite Pipes (FCP, also known as Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipes or RTP) solutions provider, stated that there is an increase in the importance of short- to long-distance natural gas transportation using pipeline infrastructure. As the world’s oil and gas sector is becoming more gas oriented, the market is looking for a flexible non-metallic pipe to transport gas.

In addition to the conventional high-pressure flexible pipes, SoluForce also offers Gas Tight (GT) versions of the synthetic fibre reinforced ‘SoluForce Classic’ and the high-strength steel wire reinforced ‘SoluForce Heavy’. These special extensions to the portfolio have been developed for a wide range of gas applications, from wet gas directly from a well to the transportation of gas from marginal fields.

SoluForce Gas Tight products

All type of polymers shows permeation of light hydrocarbons and gas. Small volumes of gas and hydrocarbons can permeate through the polymer of a thermoplastic pipe. Obviously, this is something that needs to be avoided.

After years of Research & Development, SoluForce found the perfect material to stop permeation through the SoluForce pipe wall. A very thin layer of the purest aluminium available is wrapped around the inner liner pipe, resulting in the industries only true gas-tight high-pressure flexible pipe.

A property that makes SoluForce robust and distinguishes it from other options is the bonded pipe structure. All layers in the pipe are chemically bonded, even the aluminium layer. Through extensive R&D, SoluForce has found a production method to chemically bond aluminium with HDPE. Therefore, even though the Gas Tight pipe system has a metallic layer embedded in the middle, it still is fully bonded and retains the corresponding benefits.

The quality and reliability of all SoluForce products are guaranteed by extensive lab testing and long-term field experience. Furthermore, all solutions are certified and verified by internationally recognised testing bodies, against all the major certifications. For example, in addition to the standard certifications, the SoluForce Gas Tight is further certified according to ISO TS 18226 “Reinforced Thermoplastic Piping Systems for Gaseous Fuels”.

Track Record

The SoluForce system has a solid track record in the oil and gas industry and has been in use since the year 2000 for a variety of applications, ranging from oil and gas utility pipelines to slurry transport in mining. The first flow lines were installed in the Middle East in 2000. These pipes have remained in service since then, without interruption. Every SoluForce product is developed with a strong focus on reliability, simplicity of installation and use – but above all, safety. SoluForce maintains the highest levels of quality in the design, manufacturing and testing of all its products. As a result, they meet or exceed the various recognised international standards.

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