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Frigmaires Engineers’ newly-developed ABB (Automatic Batch Blending) skid-mounted and containerised plants are designed for firms wishing to enter the lubricant business

Frigmaires SKID MOUNTED LUBEThe plant can be used for the production of automotive, industrial, bio and marine lubricants. (Image source: Frigmaires Engineers)

They are recommended for installations in remote and logistically challenged areas. These units can be installed indoors, as well as outdoors. A provision for connecting a generator to operate the entire system can be provided as an option to make it independent of the local power supply. 

The units are assembled and fully tested at the company’s facility before being delivered in 20 or 40 FT containers with no need for on-site assembly, pipework, electrical wiring or mounting of components. These are simple plug-and-play units. The base oils are charged directly from flexitanks to be connected to the feed manifold. 

The main components of the plant are the feed manifold, feed and discharge pumps, load cell mounted blenders, additive dosing unit, heating unit, online filters, piping, valves, instrumentation and filling station, which are connected and operated through a semiautomatic PLC system with HMI controls. 

The end user has to simply connect the base oils from flexitanks to the feed manifold. Each package is provided with basic laboratory testing equipment, a set of spares, maintenance tool kit, a booklet for starting formulations and basic laboratory quality tests. A quick change-over flushing system is also provided for product turn arounds. 

This plant is used for production of automotive, industrial, bio and marine lubricants. Advantages include: 

• Short delivery and installation time 

• Quick and homogeneous blends 

• Connects directly to flexitanks 

• Low investment costs 

• Reduced on-site erection and hook-up time 

• Factory tested and manufactured 

• Single source responsibility, ensuring fewer interfaces for our client to handle 

• Self-contained operations 

• Manufactured to CE specifications. 

Frigmaires also offers turnkey solutions for the production of lube oil blending and grease plants that cater to the requirements of small or large scale lubricant and grease manufacturers. Constant innovation remains their top priority, ensuring delivery of high-quality solutions to customers in the industry.