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The new STRONGEX range of luminaires from ZALUX, a leader in industrial lighting solutions, takes explosion-proof lighting to new levels of sustainability

ZALUX STRONGEX OilReviewME 1STRONGEX 1 and STRONGEX 2 luminaires are designed to reduce energy consumption, extend lifecycle, and lower maintenance overheads. (Image source: ZALUX)

Available for EX Zone 1 or EX Zone 2 applications and ideal for a wide range of oil, gas and petrochemical applications, the STRONGEX 1 and STRONGEX 2 luminaires are designed to reduce energy consumption, extend lifecycle, and lower maintenance overheads.

ZALUX has a complete focus on sustainability,” says David Franch, Sales, Marketing and Product Director at ZALUX. “Our experience with innovative materials, latest lighting electronics and requirements for operation in hostile environments means the new STRONGEX luminaires not only offer exceptional efficiencies but are pushing the benchmark of sustainability in offshore and onshore lighting applications.

With over 40 years of experience in manufacturing weatherproof lighting using innovative plastics, the new explosionproof mean ZALUX can offer oil and gas operators an easy win towards meeting sustainability targets. These robust, efficient luminaires can integrate smart technologies, last longer and save significant amounts of energy. Compatible with existing fixtures, easy to install and with extended life, return on investment is very quick from a solution that is designed for safety, sustainability and for life.

Luminaires’ profiles are made from PMMA which is completely recyclable to support a site’s sustainability objectives. End caps are constructed from modified polyamide to get the same impact and chemical resistance as the profile and all plastics used in the luminaires are 100% recyclable.

The luminaires have an outstanding IP66/IP69K rating to protect from harsh installation environments, but they also have a special sealing which makes them completely gas tight, protecting units from any atmospheric gases that could damage the advanced internal electronics. The high efficiency LED module offers exceptional energy efficiency, saving up to 80% compared with traditional lighting technologies, and up to 100,000 hours of operation.

STRONGEX luminaires not only offer highest efficiency ratings and complete safety, they also provide remarkable lighting quality to enhance working environments. Designed specifically for both onshore and offshore oil, gas and petrochemical applications, the range includes many versions to meet different site needs and provide a connected, integrated, high efficiency solution throughout a facility. Designed for flexibility, the range is available with options such as different cable entries, several lengths, intelligent options and easy maintenance from a luminaire suitable for loop-in loop-out application.

“This marks a new era for lighting in the oil and gas industry and an exciting time in the long history of our company,” added Franch.