Lamor brings advanced solutions and services to Middle East

Lamor ORME webLamor’s mission to provide environmental services has led from oil spill recovery to water treatment and waste management

Founded in Finland in 1982, Lamor began business as a family-owned shipyard. Their philosophy is to develop and provide the best environmental services in their drive for a cleaner world.

A key moment in their history was when they developed the brush skimmer to recover oil from maritime spills. The elegantly simple technology is still in use today, as Lamor has a presence in 104 countries and meets the needs of about 40% of the global oil spill response (OSR) market.

Cleaning oil

Lamor develops comprehensive OSR products and services in close partnership with their customers. The company offers tier one equipment rental, tier two standby centres and up to tier three emergency response, as well as training and consultancy. Lamor believes in international cooperation and has worked in the Middle East for years with the oil majors in the region.

Lamor is a total solution provider with the equipment and knowledge of cleaning oil spills in a variety of environments from onshore to offshore. They have a full range of cleaning equipment for beaches, harbours, nearshore and offshore, such as oil booms, skimmers, personal protection equipment and designated oil spill recovery workboats. For offshore spills they provide solutions such as large capacity floating skimmers and integrated advanced vessel systems.

Managing waste

Lamor also provides waste management services, including the treatment and disposal of both hazardous and non-hazardous waste. Lamor is also able to help design, construct and operate MARPOL-accredited port waste reception facilities. They can help consult, plan and train staff to meet customers’ needs.

As the company notes, the very concept of ‘waste’ is slowly disappearing as the circular economy begins to take root around the globe. Lamor can help find the value in waste with their material recovery and recycling services. As an example, Lamor has partnered with a start-up to collect plastic in rivers and to convert it into fuel. This helps Lamor’s waste management services evolve into offering even more value to clients.

Treating water

Earth might be 70% water, but water is one of the planet’s most precious resources. Lamor offers considerable water treatment services for municipal and industrial uses. Company specialists are able to build bespoke solutions to fit what the customer needs. Cost efficiency is of prime importance, and through Lamor’s global network they are able to manufacture products locally.

Lamor offers reverse osmosis systems, which can be used for salt removal applications, an important solution for places where fresh water is at a premium. Lamor also offers containerised wastewater solutions for remote locations. The solution is popular for offshore usage, remote villages and for ports.

Although the head office is still based in Finland, Lamor has always believed a local presence is critical to best serving customers. They have partnered with local experts as well as opening companies in regions where they operate. Lamor has several companies in the Middle East, which are based in Oman and Istanbul, Turkey.

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