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Over forty speakers representing oil industry captains and thought leaders will address the forthcoming 19th Annual Middle East Petroleum & Gas Conference (MPGC 2011) in Dubai on critical energy issues facing the Middle East's oil markets, production and the financing of energy projects in the aftermath of the Arab spring.

Chief Executives of key oil companies, including Mr Saeed Abdullah Khoory of ENOC, Petro Rabigh, and UOP will also present key corporate perspectives at the CEOs panel on the morning of October 3rd. Mr Khoory will address long-term implications of refining and trading dynamics and Co-Chair MPGC 2011 together with Dr Fereidun Fesharaki, Chairman of FACTS Global Energy.

Rising domestic energy demand and the G.C.C's strategy for meeting these needs through new production and technologies will be amongst the issues addressed on the theme "High Oil Prices, Political Crises and the Emergence of a New Market Structure," with the financing trends and liquidity gap addressed by speakers from ABN AMRO Bank and Natixis.

The conference will also address the challenges of modernizing and expanding the region's downstream refining and petrochemical infrastructure, and how the global refining industry is adjusting to the structural downturn and decreasing oil demand in Japan, with technology trends addressed by Chevron Global Technology Services and UOP LLC.

The role of Iraq in the global and regional equation and whether it will fulfill its oil plans and production, and the development of Iraqi reserves for the domestic and international markets will be addressed by Mr Issam Al-Chalabi, Former Iraqi Oil Minister and Ms Jennifer Coolidge, Executive Director of CMX Caspian & Gulf Consultants.