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Expro, a leading global oilfield services company  is showcasing its enhanced drill stem testing (DST) services as part of its integrated well testing package at MEOS in Bahrain.

DST offers the fastest and safest method of evaluating the potential of a newly discovered source.  Following the drilling and casing of a well, DST is used on conjunction with Expro’s downhole data system, which uses advanced wireless telemetry technology to transmit high quality bottomhole pressure and temperature data to surface in real-time using electromagnetic (EM) through-tubing/casing communication; and its tubing conveyed sampling, which provides a high-quality alternative to traditional DST type full-flow samplers.

In addition to its integrated well testing service, Expro is showing its innovative ActiveSONAR meters. The product, launched in the region early last year, provides non-intrusive well flow measurement utilising clamp-on sonar-based meters and multiphase flow interpretation techniques. The meters can be installed without production shut down and are an extremely safe way to monitor well flow.

Another of the company’s technological advancements to be on show at MEOS is its Cableless Telemetry System (CaTS) which can be used in any well monitoring application where real-time data is required. CaTS uses a resonating quartz crystal pressure and temperature sensor to provide accurate, high resolution monitoring.