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A wave of innovation, impacting the full hydrocarbons value chain, is placing the oil and gas industry at the centre of Abu Dhabi and the UAE’ fast-growing technology sector, creating significant business opportunities, helping to diversify the local economy, and opening new career paths for young professionals

ADIPEC 2019Oil & Gas 4.0, the strategic conference at ADIPEC 2019 will feature conference sessions that will explore the nexus of technology and energy. (Image source: Wallis PR)

For its 2019 edition, the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition (ADIPEC) is embracing this change with its strategic conference ‘Oil and Gas 4.0’.

The conference agenda links oil and gas to the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’, and the emerging technologies that are transforming productivity and efficiency in an industry that contributes almost 30 per cent of national GDP, according to UAE Ministry of Economy statistics.

Artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain technology, big data, machine learning, automation, cloud computing, cyber-security, edge computing, robotics, and unmanned vehicles are creating new demand for tech-sector services and skills, with the scale of oil and gas businesses helping accelerate opportunities for the broader economy.

“The global energy landscape is undergoing rapid change, and the oil and gas industry is finding new and innovative ways to maximise the value and profitability of our operations,” said Omar Suwaina Al Suwaidi, ADIPEC Conference chairman, and director, executive Office Directorate, ADNOC. “Artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain can enhance operational efficiency and maximise performance, while applying predictive analytics can significantly reduce maintenance costs.

“Through Oil and Gas 4.0, ADIPEC is unlocking the opportunities created by the Fourth Industrial Era. To continue to thrive, it is critical that we better harness our data, utilise big data value-adding technology and innovation, capture digital insights to our business, and understand how all aspects of our operations and activities are interconnected to unlock greater value in the evolving energy landscape.”

As part of ADIPEC, Oil and Gas 4.0 will drive the conversation on the changes taking place within the industry. As the largest oil and gas exhibition and conference in the world, ADIPEC is a platform for industry leaders to identify the opportunities created by applying cutting-edge technologies at every step in the oil and gas production process, from the oil well to the end customer.

“Oil and gas have been at the heart of Abu Dhabi and the UAE’s economic growth, and that won’t change in the foreseeable future,” said Al Suwaidi. “Our natural resource remains essential to the global energy mix and is needed for a wide range of non-energy uses, such as plastics. ‘Oil and Gas 4.0’ means rethinking how our industry adopts and applies technology, connects with non-traditional partners, shows environmental leadership and most importantly attracts and retains talent.”