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The ADIPEC 2015 conference will invite the world’s best and brightest minds to the stage to address the challenges and opportunities facing the oil and gas industry

oilfield haymarketrebel flickrEnvironmentally safe oil extraction is encouraged by oil and gas explorers. (Image source: Haymarketrebel/Flickr)

Ali Khalifa Al Shamsi, strategy and coordination director at Abu Dhabi National Oil Company and ADIPEC 2015 chairman, said, “Sharing knowledge and forging partnerships is key to innovation. ADIPEC provides a perfect platform for collaborating, sharing and partnering as we maximise our joint resources and expertise.”

Energy security is a responsibility shared by all industry stakeholders, one that relies on the application of innovative, environmentally-safe technologies, according to the world’s oil and gas giants.

“Global energy demand is set to rise by up to 75 per cent by the middle of the century as many people are lifted out of poverty, and our industry has a strong role to play in helping meet that demand,” said Andrew Vaughan, vice president for Abu Dhabi and Kuwait for Shell, and country chairman for Shell Abu Dhabi.

“The challenge we face is how to meet that demand in a costeffective manner while protecting the environment and, in particular, facing the real challenge of climate change. The opportunities are for those companies that can innovate and maximise recovery and efficiency of production,” said Vaughan.

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