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VINCI Energies has announced the renaming of its subsidiary Cegelec Oil and Gas to Actemium in the Middle East at ADIPEC 2014

Actemium-ADIPEC-2014Jimmy Neron, commercial director at VINCI Energies Oil & Gas

Cegelec Oil and Gas was acquired by VINCI Energies in 2010. It has now joined the Actemium brand of 300 business units and a global turnover US$2.61bn, with US$745mn dedicated to the oil and gas industry.

According to Jimmy Neron, commercial director at VINCI Energies Oil & Gas, the strategy of VINCI Energies is to address different sectors under the Actemium brand.

“It gives an opportunity to join a major network worldwide in 38 countries. We benefit from the strength of the network of VINCI Energies,” Neron said.

Talking about the group’s presence in the Middle East, Neron said that the company has been historically strong in the Middle East for 30 years.

VINCI Energies has operations in Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, and is looking to expand into Kuwait and Oman. Neron said that they are trying to penetrate Iraq, but the unstable situation in the country has seen the group take a break in its operations there.

“We are taking our time to see that operations are secure in Iraq," said Neron. It’s a huge market for us and we are keeping our eyes open.”

Actemium has operations in both onshore and offshore. Onshore projects are related to brownfield sites. It also takes up modifications of existing facilities, upgrading refinery or petrochemical projects. Offshore operations usually consists of FPSO global maintenance contracts and turnkey projects.

Speaking about ADIPEC 2014 serving as a platform for business opportunities, Neron notes that it is a great event to showcase our capabilities and expertise.

“ADIPEC is helping maintain relationships with companies and contractors. We use this opportunity to communicate about our development and about our recent rebranding under Actemium brand,” he added.

Current projects of Actemium include replacement of gas turbine for ADGAS, as well as working with the likes of GASCO, ADNOC, ADCO and ZADCO. It is also looking at acquiring more projects by the end of 2015.

Neron said that Actemium will now continue to develop its brand in the oil and gas industry, while also exploring opportunities in new areas including South East Asia and North America.