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Schlumberger launched a new surface multiphase flowmeter that uses full-spectrum analysis during this week’s ADIPEC 2013

The new flowmeter enables operators to obtain accurate flow rate measurements in production testing and permanent monitoring. (Image source: Schlumberger)The new flowmeter enables operators to obtain accurate flow rate measurements in production testing and permanent monitoring. (Image source: Schlumberger)

The Vx Spectra* surface multiphase flowmeter was unveiled during a launch event at the St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resort in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Oil Review spoke to Marcus Suzart Ungaretti Rossi, multiphase metering product champion at Schlumberger, about the innovative new product.

Please could you give us a brief over view of Schlumberger's new Vx Spectra surface multiphase flowmeter?

The Schlumberger Vx Spectra* surface multiphase flowmeter uses full-spectrum analysis to accurately measure oil, gas, and water flow rates without phase separation. Specifically designed for surface installations, the compact Vx Spectra flowmeter saves space on production facilities when compared with conventional metering systems. Its modular design and advanced electronics increase reliability to minimise downtime and reduce operational costs.

How exactly does the Vx Spectra ensure more accurate flow rate measurement?

The new surface multiphase flowmeter uses full-gamma spectroscopy to precisely measure across all energy levels of the gamma-source spectrum, providing the most accurate individual oil, gas, and water fraction measurements to date. The Vx Spectra flowmeter measures at high frequency and at a single point in the venturi throat. This technique ensures accurate and repeatable flow rate measurements in any multiphase flow conditions and in production fluids ranging from heavy oil to gas condensate.

How long has the Vx Spectra taken to develop and what challenges did you have to overcome to bring it to market?

The research and development of the Vx Spectra started in 2010 using the mechanical, fluid dynamics and nuclear physics expertise from three Schlumberger Technology Centres – Norway, France and the UK. The main challenges during the development of the Vx Spectra were to gain a complete understanding of full gamma-ray spectroscopy in multiphase flow and the elimination of historical metering segmentation between multiphase and wet gas. Additionally, operational experiences from Vx* technology were applied for hardware improvement, making the new flowmeter more compact, developing an innovative modular design that allows easier and faster maintenance during production flow at the well site.

Once the data is acquired via the Vx Spectra, how can it best be managed and analysed by users?

Users can store, manage, and monitor real-time production data using the Vx Spectra software platform. With a standard interface connected to the operator’s infrastructure, multiple users at remote locations can monitor and analyse production data measurements provided by the Vx Spectra. This application uses high-frequency production measurements, analysing historical and real-time data through functional and integrated workflows linked to supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system, historians, and corporate databases.

What impact do you believe or hope that the Vx Spectra will have on the market?

The Vx multiphase metering technology has been widely accepted with an extensive track record. The launch of the Vx Spectra brings enhanced, proven performances along with new sizes and a configurable design, thus it is widely applicable for continuous production monitoring, periodic production testing, fiscal allocation, well performance evaluation and artificial lift system optimisation in both land and offshore operations.

*Mark of Schlumberger